Featherstone floored, Lammy laughs as Labour storm to victory in Hornsey and Wood Green and Tottenham

PUBLISHED: 05:41 08 May 2015 | UPDATED: 05:41 08 May 2015

David Lammy has increased his majority in Tottenham to more than 23,000. Picture: Tony Gay

David Lammy has increased his majority in Tottenham to more than 23,000. Picture: Tony Gay


Haringey has been well and truly painted red as Labour romped to general election victory locally - David Lammy adding 6,500 votes to his lead and Catherine West kicking Lynne Featherstone into second by more than 11,000 votes.

Both seats yielded surprises today as Ms West’s thumping victory saw coalition minister Ms Featherstone lose her Hornsey and Wood Green seat after 10 years, while Mr Lammy came away with the biggest majority in his Tottenham constituency for more than 25 years.

For the full lowdown on Ms West’s victory, click here.

While Tottenham was always regarded as a safe Labour seat, Mr Lammy damaged the Lib Dem and Tory votes enough to attract more than two votes out of every three that were cast (67.3 per cent), pulling in an unassailable 28,654 votes.

Mr Lammy said he was “really, really delighted” with a majority of 23,564 over the second placed candidate, Conservative Stefan Mrozinski - a huge rise on 2010, when he was 16,931 votes ahead of the second-placed Lib Dem, David Schmitz.

He added: “It is exciting to receive the biggest majority that we’ve seen in the 15 years that I have been the member of parliament. I’m very, very pleased that the people of Tottenham have given me and the Labour Party this huge vote of confidence.”

Asked why he thought people in London are responding differently to Labour than in the rest of the country, he said: “People are responding to unemployment and to a major housing crisis that hasn’t been dealt with by Boris Johnson or David Cameron.

“We have been door-to-door on a regular basis and people are responding to that proximity candidates have to their electors.”

Mr Lammy said the 8 per cent swing to Labour showed his supporters were happy for him to continue representing them while he bids to become Mayor of London - none have been put off by the fact he has thrown his hat into the ring.

But while the Labour result left everyone else in the shade, the Tories came out second-best with candidate Stefan Mrozinski losing just under 1,000 votes compared with 2010 (5,090 - an 11.9 per cent share).

He said: “I think it was a very good result; we are the governing party and we are taking a lot of flak for the difficult decisions we’ve had to make because of the mess Labour left us in when they destroyed the economy.

“We’ve done very well to come second after coming third last time. People have always known Ed Miliband is not fit to govern our country. Labour are forecast to lose 19 seats; that says it all really. Ed Miliband will be gone within a week.”

The Liberal Democrats were all but wiped out in Tottenham, losing more than 75 per cent of their votes compared with 2010 - from almost 7,200 votes to just 1,756 tonight, putting them in fourth place behind the Green Party’s Dee Searle.

Anne Gray, who stood for the Greens in Tottenham last time around, said: “We are pleased that we have increased our vote by four-fold since 2010 when I was the candidate, which is about proportionate to the rise in Green Party membership in the area. But we are a bit sad that we didn’t beat the Tories into second place.”

Tottenham result

David Lammy, Labour: 28,654 (67.3%)

Stefan Mrozinski, Conservative: 5,090 (11.9%)

Dee Searle, Green: 3,931 (9.2%)

Turhan Ozen, Liberal Democrat: 1,756 (4.1%)

Tariq Saeed, Ukip: 1,512 (3.5%)

Jenny Sutton, TUSC: 1,324 (3.1%)

Tania Mahmood, The Peace Party: 291 (0.7%)

Tottenham (Labour hold)

Majority: 23,564

Turnout: 42,558 // 60.4% (+2.2%)

Swing: 8%

Hornsey and Wood Green (Labour gain)

Majority: 11,058

Turnout: 57,785 // 73.15% (+4.25%)

Swing: 16.9%

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  • David Lammy (Labour)
    28,654 (67.3%)

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