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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An exasperated member of Hornsey Pensioners’ Action Group on the trials and tribulations of a nonsensical operation.

Healthcare campaigner Sue Hessel’s frank assessment of the short shrift given to those set to be at the sharp end of Haringey’s health and social care cutbacks.

The Haringey Pensioners’ Action Group hears inspiring tales of high achievers punching through society’s inertia on true equality for the disabled.

Tottenham resident Martin Ball laments an unenviable milestone in Tottenham’s regeneration plans.

The project manager for Positive Youth News Haringey on why we can’t rely on councils to safeguard funding for youth services in an era of budget cuts - the government must act.

Jacob O’Callghan, a member of the Save Ally Pally group, which prevented the sale of Alexandra Palace in the High Court in 2007, gives his view on plans for the historic BBC studios.

Duncan Wilson, chief executive of Alexandra Palace, explains why he is wholeheartedly behind the plans for the BBC studios.

Our regular blogging vet from Wood Green, The Animals Charity, offers advice to help your pets cope with the annual fireworks season.

The national director of health and wellbeing for Public Health England on the facts behind prostate cancer - which kills nearly one in 10 black men.

The Hornsey Pensioners’ Action Group stalwart on the extraordinary contribution older people make to the economy and wider society - and how little they take.

Sue Hessel, chairman of the Haslemere Road Residents’ Association, hopes new blood on the council will yield quicker results.

The director of Healthwatch Haringey outlines the next steps for shaping healthcare strategies for the next three years.

Resident Martin Ball relives a harrowing, litter-strewn traipse through Tottenham in the hope the council will stand by their word.

Exposure journalist Sabrina Gardiner, 19, addresses the issue of self-harm in teenagers

Crouch End resident David Winskill wants councillors to keep a close eye on changes to “improve” Haringey’s customer service centre.

Wood Green vet Sam Barley explains the importance of giving your pet vaccinations, and why.

Wood Green vet Sam Barley explains the risks to your pets of the summer heat - and what you can do to help them cope with it.

Long-time Haringey resident and the borough’s TUC secretary Keith Flett gives his personal assessment of the progress and stagnation in Tottenham’s post-riot recovery.

In her latest exclusive blog, Sam Barley from Wood Green, The Animals Charity, reveals the warning signs that your pet may have fleas - and how to treat them.

Sue Hessel, chairman of the Haslemere Road Residents’ Association, asks why the community was not allowed to go ahead with its plan for Hornsey Town Hall years ago.

In the first of the watchdog group’s regular contributions, Healthwatch Haringey explains what it does, how it can help you - and how you may be able to help them!

The chairman of the Tottenham Civic Society looks at the reality of overflowing bins and litter-strewn pavements - and what it says about Haringey.

Local people look to their Member of Parliament as somebody who represents them and supports them not being pushed about by authority and vested interests. Yet David Lammy’s partisan support for the Spurs plans for a new stadium is failing to represent many local people and is not acceptable from a public servant.

Exposure journalist Soumia Ouaar, 18, highlights the problems of youth unemployment.

Wood Green, The Animals Charity, is seeing an increasing number of overweight cats. Is your moggy bigger than he or she should be? Find out below how to do right by them.

Tottenham Hale resident and community campaigner Martin Ball joins the dots behind the latest chapter in the area’s ongoing redevelopment.

The deputy centre manager at Wood Green, The Animals Charity, reveals some surprising benefits of adopting older cats, and why it pays to get your new kitten from them.

Barbara Ryan, of Hornsey Pensioners’ Action Group, argues rising property prices are not good news for Haringey’s older residents - nor their children.

Andreas Koumi, manager of Haringey youth media charity Exposure, discusses the problem of cyberbullying.

The chairman of the Tottenham Civic Society asks why Spurs aren’t seizing the opportunity to breathe life back into the decaying listed buildings they own.

The co-chairman of the Tottenham Business Group asks why the best solution for everyone in the controversial Spurs walkway plans was scrapped before getting the oxygen of publicity.

The editor of social action partnership GoThinkBig gives a heads-up on a free careers event this week for young people interested in sport, music, fashion and entertainment, with advice from people in the know.

A member of the Hornsey Pensioners’ Action Group discusses the pros and cons of ageism.

In his latest blog, the head of Haringey’s police force reflects on rehabilitation - of both offenders and the reputation of the Metropolitan Police.

The leader of Haringey’s Liberal Democrats on why we should be following the lead of Newham and licensing private landlords.

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